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On July 27 I officially started working for 10up, a well-distributed digital and strategic consulting agency, and knowing that I am based and currently live in the Philippines proves that they(we) are truly expanding globally!

I’ve been a full time freelancer for almost 3 years and the feeling of getting lonely is inherent in the freelance world eventually, at least in my situation. Over the years, I enjoyed the love and hate relationship with the people that I always got to talk to almost everyday — the clients. They’ve given me the  challenges that brought new learnings and some of them bridged ways to creating plugins.

But ever since I started working as a freelancer or even during college times I knew I would like to be part of something great. In fact I feel grateful when I create websites or help businesses build their online home but the experience didn’t come close compared to sharing the challenges and fun if you are part of a team.

I yearn for that moment when, around making our capstone project during senior year, my team had been maximizing all the resources we could get and poured everything we have for a project. It’s inspiring to see all efforts coming together towards a common goal, and seeing them looking up to each other is another reason to be grateful at what we’re doing.

Working with a team, sharing the same passion, can be a far greater and fulfilling experience anyone can ever have in his lifetime. I truly can’t wait to share my life work with 10up, and to contribute in diversifying the team even more and learn from the talented individuals they already have.

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