Photo by The Organic Studios

I’m Dreb Bitanghol from Davao — a lovely city in the countryside of the sunny Philippines. I help build and maintain publishing websites @10up. Mastering Web Engineering.

  • Most of the time, I develop websites with WordPress. Created a handful of plugins to help meet clients’ requirements.
  • Creating products and experiences out of collaborative and strategic efforts.
  • Contributing to the open source community through WordPress Plugins, reporting/submitting patches in WordPress core and creating random GitHub projects.
  • Organizing a small community of WordPress developers and evangelists in Davao, PH – WordPress Davao.
  • My workflow tools: PHPStorm, Sublime Text, Git – GitHub (public) and Bitbucket (private), Dropbox/Google Drive, Gmail and Evernote. And Spotify, anyone?
  • A quasi-photographer.
  • I give official statements about web and everything over Twitter.
  • I fascinate travel, climbing, night camp and almost anything outdoor.

See my resumé for other info that I may have otherwise shared here.

Last updated: May 2017 (new photo!)