Dreb Bits

Free Spirited

Last Saturday night, the big family got together and my uncle mentioned about my brother being free spirited. I was extremely curious and have been wondering since then.

Being free spirited…it did ring a bell with me as I’m not sure if I am free spirited yet. Im not actually sure how does someone becomes free spirited. What I know is my brother knows what he wants to do and dont give a dang care about whether he’s right or wrong, and the fact that he ain’t got any responsibility in our family, not because that’s what I feel but that’s what really it is, might mean something about he’s aura of being free spirited?

I can’t help after that but think if untangling oneself from any responsibilities make him/her free spirited?

I somehow agree to that.

In retrospect, in my elementary years I felt like I was free spirited. No responsibility and no pure pressure. Mostly fun. Surely, that could might be it — it could be the feeling  of knowing your self completely, going after things while completely ignoring any consequences. You just do and feel it.

If those are the case–then I’m not yet one of them. No, something in the process of growing up made me not one of them anymore.