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Fake It ’til You Make It!

I couldn’t end this day without sharing this post on Humans of New York page in Facebook.

I was tired of working retail, so I lied on my resume and said that I had bookkeeper experience. I learned as much as I could from Google before the job interview, and printed out balance sheets to practice on. After I got the job, I read as much as I could every morning on the train. It was nerve wracking at first, but I presented the numbers at the end of the month, and everything checked out. May not have been the best way to get a job, but hey– I’ve got a son to look out for.

Hit me so hard. I easily get moved with stories that I can relate so much. I am fragile. I cried a little with this.

I always seek stories such as this because it brings me back to sanity. Most of the time, unfortunately, I get overwhelmed with non sense things. I forget about life. I forget about what the ground feels like. Problems easily get the worst of me.

Then there are these stories that help me to be humble again. To gain back my perseverance and how was life for me when I didn’t have much. To be that person again that pretends to know of things he was curious/passionate about but because of hard work, he somehow made it.

I know it needs work again. And i’ll work harder.