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The Lego of WordPress Frameworks – Genesis

In the recent real estate project, I got to finally play with Genesis Framework and I can’t deny the newly embraced fact that it’s dang “sweet”. I always wanted to try out this framework ever since but clients are requesting to build their websites with other frameworks. So I always hit it in that direction. This time, I happened to suggest this tool to a client and had the chance to give direction on how to build the website that meets their business goals, timeframe and budget. The first time I felt like an engineer and manager in that process.

Well, I couldn’t get enough of the overwhelming hooks and filters around this framework. It’s like a bed of roses for child theme and some plugin developers. The lego of the WordPress frameworks world as it can be taken out part by part without even touching the core. The thought of it before that this might be another “everything but the kitchen sink” has been ruled out. The fat is there but it’s the good amount of fat that makes your website healthy.

I can see now why everyone is talking about it. I don’t even need to elaborate that as the summary of it’s superpower has been laid out here. There’s a huge number of developers that are into it as well becoming access to solutions to a probability that you may encounter issues even easier. So far the experience was superb but I can’t wait for the unimaginable hurdles that I may encounter along the way of using this sweet little thing.