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A Year Anniversary of Your Ever After Studios

The cool guys of the wedding photography team in Davao founded by Raphael Banta and Joemar Lamata just celebrated their 1yr anniversary since they have decided to put up a studio.

3 months after the birth of the studio, I was privately messaged by Raph, closed friend of my brother who happens to be the co founder of the photography studio, to work with them as part time photo editor. We’re friends in fb. He might have seen few of my photography works and decided to take on hiring me to help their massively growing clients with wedding photo editing. I was flattered and filled with excitement. It was never a mistake for me to to say yes to their offer and as of now I am editing the 9th set from YEA studio.

Raph is someone I shared with few of my visions in life including creative esp. interior design matters. Recently, they have re-organized their office setup (2.0 as I fondly call it) and he keeps on offering me to work in their office even before, wether it’s web development or online editing works. Now that the setup is partially transformed into somewhat more artsy way, there’s a chance that I might going to work in there to do freelance or photo editing jobs.

Your Ever After Team have been really welcoming. I am very greatful to be part of their 1yr anniversary with their studio. I can’t wait for what’s up for them and how will my relationship with them improve over the coming months.