University of Self Education

..went on to study film, photography, and creative writing at the University of Self Education at Barnes and Noble, while attending evening classes Half Price Books and

Seems legit? Very legit!

Wrong Turn

I am feeling quite frustrated and tired right now. I have experienced one of the most poorly strategized events in my life. After recieving the notification of flight cancellation, I could’ve either (a) proceed with rescheduling to 10am (the earliest flight available from the airline) and find a cheap hotel near the airport to get sleep; or (b) request a refund and book another flight with the earliest and cost effective departure date, which I tried looking and there’s one. […]

Happy Holidays!

Just want to take a moment to be and to feel grateful in where I am at this point of life. Since I joined 10up, days are always challenging and I even get to contribute to WordPress core. Nailing a milestone! I’ve been introduced to a bunch of tools and worked with talented folks that inspire me to thrive. Looking ahead, I’d still seeking that environment where I can work and grow physically. Next year should be a level harder than this one. Merry Christmas and […]

Always the Way to Blog

I could remember I started blogging way back in 2008 when I got no other things to do aside from taking classes in college and playing online games (RAN is on top of my head). My aunt was and is always going to be my inspiration of why I got my self into this kind of stuff. I started using blogspot. Then moved to self hosted WordPress with the help of such wonderful aunt, who used to be a web designer and developer that time! […]

Bro Evenings

There are evenings that are inevitable and scheduled to bond more with your brother. I had one this evening and  …. I drink with my brother. We talked about gambling. Gamblers don’t hesitate, they bet with their guts on the line. True winners KEEP CALM while they gamble. It can’t be mastered right away. Takes time. You will always learn something even from the dumbest people you know. People will always have something that they know that you don’t know. Be glad […]