First Day of Training

My first day of ūüŹł (Badminton) ¬†training, and boy, i feel like i have a body of 50year old me without so much physical activities. I’m a bit frustrated as my body couldn’t catch up with my mind. I thought I knew the basics of the footworks but it’s way more strenous than I imagined, or maybe because of the lack of adrenaline-induced activities for years. This is the real deal and isn’t just a simple Google search. At the […]

But How?

It’s amazing how things seem to work even if I don’t fully understand the whole process yet. Bottomline: it’s okay if you’re confused right now. In time, you’ll learn why things happened and how it happened.

Fishy Christmas Day

I started this just last year wherein I decided to cook something new during the holiday season. Last year, I tried Escabeche (Ez-ka-be-che a.k.a¬†sweet & sour) with fried Tilapia¬†for Christmas & grilled beef steak on New Year. I thought¬†I did great with Escabeche with no previous experience. But I grilled the steak terribly. In retrospect, […]

Yet Another Co-working Space?

Since last year, I’ve been itching to fly out somewhere. This time, it’s not about finding my self or escaping from a mistake (yeah, just like the rest of the human race, I ran off¬†before from some very bad decision). But I’ve been looking for a workplace¬†where it could offer me the convenient space to […]

University of Self Education

..went on to study film, photography, and creative writing at the University of Self Education at Barnes and Noble, while attending evening classes Half Price Books and

Seems legit? Very legit!