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Wrong Turn

I am feeling quite frustrated and tired right now. I have experienced one of the most poorly strategized events in my life.

After recieving the notification of flight cancellation, I could’ve either (a) proceed with rescheduling to 10am (the earliest flight available from the airline) and find a cheap hotel near the airport to get sleep; or (b) request a refund and book another flight with the earliest and cost effective departure date, which I tried looking and there’s one. When i realized these options, I was too late. This is what I get for settling with what’s being given and coward enough to try unexplored options.

On top of that, I over value money and overlooked my well being. I thought I have saved by not going anywhere no matter what the circumstances. Because exiting the airport means taxi rides and expenses. I thought I have saved by sticking to what I have paid for the airfare and thought that should be the only cost and no more. But I don’t think I saved at all. In fact I’ve wasted so much energy and prevented my already tired body to catch up. And it’s going to take its toll tomorrow. I get the picture!

And these donuts that I have for home, I hope they’re hanging in there as much as I am. 

I failed to balance cost and comfort. I truly admit that. I’d be damn if there’s a part 2 of this exact event in the future. Plus the coffee is kicking in in this wee hours–begetting this post.

First Backpacking Adventure

Ive been trying to start exploring places away from my comfort zone but it’s just recently that I was finally able to commence my plan to travel. 

Our first attempt happened in El Nido & Puerto Princesa of Palawan.

El Nido

We arrived at our hostel midnight of July 10. But before that, we were in a van that me and a friend are the only Pinoys. It’s crazy. We’re still in the Philippines but felt like we’re not.

Initially I wanted to have the dorm type hostel; it’s cheaper compared to what we had but on our second attempt of booking, the dorms were filled. We reserved the private rooms instead.  It seems like when backpacking, being in a dorm type would give you a massive experience – both connecting with and sleeping with other people. 

In a nutshell, here are our amazing 2 nights. 

  • Met Simon, Angela, Matt, Brad, Stella, Mauro.
  • Visited majestic islands via our island tour. 
  •  Snorkling that I got panic because of the water that keeps coming inside my tube. Not wearing life-vest and the water was very deep!
  • The lagoons are mesmerizing!! No solid camera can was sucks big time. Thanks to iPhone anyway.
  • Got to talk to Matt with awesome topics; from his past to upcoming travels and the glimpsed of the culture of the places he visited.
  • In love with the sunset beach-ing. Sunset with a friend, new friends, a beer and a ukulele is my favorite part of that journey.
  • I like Mr. Sun even more.
  • Dinner night by the beach. 
  • The very fun part was drinking with people coming from 8 different countries. And my mind that time was like “this is craaaaaaaazy!”.
  • Head out and we brought the party to the beach.
  • Got to meet and talk to Sammy, from India.
  • I saw a lot of things on the beach party that I only see in online videos. Not the hardcore.
  • and when you party in such place, Grow Up or Go Home.
  • Got to talk to Matt about religion, I was bleeding secretly that time.

Puerto Princesa

This is the city part of Palawan and we went to few (touristy) places since our goal was to work remotely during our stay there.

  • Bakers Hill. Foods to take home and European feel park. Missed to try the tamilok.
  • Of course, the Underground (subterranean) river. Our visit there gives me more hope to explore the world we standing on.
  • Crocodile and butterfly park and the Tribe. 

The internet sucks there though and El Nido has a way better reception despite being in the countryside of the city.

Overall, It turned out to be more amazing than how I initially thought of our adventure. I do have another one lineup. This time, it’s somewhere outside PH. Someone needs to really have a passport and durable luggage bag to continue the adventure.