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SoundCloud Playlists

I happened to work on a site that needs retrieving of SoundCloud playlists for a simple podcast site. I’ve taken a look in the wild if there are already plugins that could do the job since the client has given me limited amount of time. There are indeed a bunch of them but almost all of them are lacking or exaggerating the simple yet functional tool that I’m looking for.

Since there are available SoundCloud API references and with the use of Advanced Custom Fields, I went ahead and decided to grab this chance to play with SoundCloud’s API while keeping up with the deadline. Little did I know during the time that I develop it as part of the theme function, the idea that it could be pulled out as an independent plugin immersed.

After a couple of months of play and raping WordPress codex and SoundCloud API, I can finally submit ACF SoundCloud playlist in WordPress.org.

SoundCloud Playlists plugin is an Advanced Custom Field add-on that simply adds a field type to let you browse your SoundCloud playlists and add to post, options or widget. This has an option to return the list of tracks in an unordered lists or simply get the array for you to play around with the result. I have added it a little feature to show a player utilizing the SoundCloud Widget when clicking a track in the the list of tracks. To make the most out being an author of this plugin, I went ahead and designed a banner for the plugin page.

Developing it as a plugin was pretty much challenging and it truly gave me a wider understanding about WordPress and Javascript. That ‘Ah’ moments that make you wanna go back to a situation before where you can apply that exact logic/solution that you just came up with.

I hope there would be people out there that could try this mini plugin and see if it solves part of their problem/project.