SoundCloud Playlists

I happened to work on a site that needs retrieving of SoundCloud playlists for a simple podcast site. I’ve taken a look in the wild if there are already plugins that could do the job since the client has given me limited amount of time. There are indeed a bunch of them but almost all of them are lacking or […]

First Backpacking Adventure

Ive been trying to start exploring places away from my comfort zone but it’s just recently that I was finally able to commence my plan to travel.  Our first attempt happened in El Nido & Puerto Princesa of Palawan. El Nido We arrived at our hostel midnight of July 10. But before that, we were in a van that me and a friend are the only Pinoys. It’s crazy. We’re still in the Philippines but felt like we’re not. Initially […]

Bro Evenings

There are evenings that are inevitable and scheduled to bond more with your brother. I had one this evening and  …. I drink with my brother. We talked about gambling. Gamblers don’t hesitate, they bet with their guts on the line. True winners KEEP CALM while they gamble. It can’t be mastered right away. Takes time. You will always learn something even from the dumbest people you know. People will always have something that they know that you don’t know. Be glad […]

Bits of Happiness

Nailed a milestone today. It’s cool and refreshing to see a Plugin Developer badge on my profile. It maybe small for some but happenings like this contributed to my journey in pursuing happiness in life. What’s next? It’s just my first plugin. I am hoping to push lots of free rice into the WordPress community including a theme. This platform is amazing. The people behind are a bunch of amazing folks.  

On Getting There

We always have something to say every time we read a book or ebook. Quick read I did tonight on one of the free ebooks of Blinkist tackled about the things that we can do to get the life we always dream of. It’s not a one big step but there should be a bit by bit work every single day that ultimately leads to that big goal. With a clear vision for your future, strong motivation and an understanding […]