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My Blog for the nth Time

Back in personal blogging with WordPress. I plan to migrate all personal rants to Tumblr butt this place is just to good and honestly I can’t think of any other place on the internet where I could blog rightfully.

This time it’s going to be a blog for whatever sense I could make out of this life.

Alright. Let’s get it on!

The State of the Word 2014

All WordPress devs and fans and lovers should check out this year’s Matt’s State of the Word that happened in the heart of WordPress in San Francisco.

I’ve enjoyed listening to what WordPress have become and a glimpse on where its heading. Its inspiring to see Matt that after 11yrs, it feels like he still has the same genuine excitement every time he shares releases and features about WordPress.

WordPress has been my first love, in terms of my online journey. It helps me to write better honestly. And I should never forget to share that it is the gateway that introduced me to web development & design.

Now, WordPress is a huge community. People are building things and providing supports. This is truly something that makes the web a better place.

Cheers to more WordPress to y’all.

Matt Mullenweg: The State of the Word 2014.

Here We Go Again

Last night I watched a video of Matt Mullenweg sharing how he started WordPress. It never gets old to me the story of how this powerful CMS came to life. It brings me back to why I fell in love in the web and how it sparks me in making something for the web. I’ve been thinking lately on how I could get out in WordPress and start to learn a more complicated platforms or tools. But there’s something in WordPress that keeps me from it. Its like magic.