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Following the guide How To Downgrade Droplets, I have successfully downgraded my server in Digital Ocean. As every other guide, the scenario is almost always not exactly the same so I did my part of researching to resolve issues that have arised along the way.

I’d like to note important things tailored to my needs that the guide never mentioned.

  • Export the database manually. The guide only covers copying of the files, not the database. When you have the exported file, use it to bring back the database into the new/smaller droplet.
  • Re-install openssh-server if you encounter close connection.
  • Purged and re-install mysql when couldn’t connect to local MySQL server.
  • Indeed, pay attention to warnings when reading!!
  • Overused command ssh-keygen -R [hostname]:port

My expertise isn’t lie on system or server administration but I certainly enjoy doing this stuff every once in awhile. But man, it’s hot. Don’t play with it unless you’re ready to get burned!

Moments with Android

Not quite recently my phone and photography buddy (in one) gave up on me and I am someone who doesn’t admire keeping credit cards and other cards are out of order, so there will be a delay before I can get another one. For the mean time, I am using Samsung S3 that originally a phone of my sister before I bought her a slightly used but smooth iPhone, as well. I’ve been meaning actually to buy the successor of iPhone 5 (perhaps the real meaning of ‘s’ in iPhones is truthfully ‘successor’) before it happened.

A technician initially diagnosed and said the battery seems to be bulging out. I’m not really the kind of person that charges phone while sleeping but I admit it fell quite many times—a lot of people can join me on that boat. If you could only see how the screen is terribly prolapsing out of it’s case and the flickering display like a television trying to get a better signal.

Until then, I am am trying to establish a good connection with this android device. So far, I have no idea how UX is being done here. It’s still on the version opposite iOS 6 so I could not generalize the overall performance of the OS but the learning curve i’ve had from Samsung to iPhone before was way smoother than the other way around. I feel in love right on with the simplicity of the latter. The list could go on and on…but using this device looks and feels exactly like an Android —gives you powerful utilities and customizations, but lacks of genuine experience on a personal level.