Moments with Android

Not quite recently my phone and photography buddy (in one) gave up on me and I am someone who doesn’t admire keeping credit cards and other cards are out of order, so there will be a delay before I can get another one. For the mean time, I am using Samsung S3 that originally a phone of my sister before I bought her a slightly used but smooth iPhone, as well. I’ve been meaning actually to buy the successor of iPhone 5 (perhaps the real meaning […]

Joining 10up

On July 27 I officially started working for 10up, a well-distributed digital and strategic consulting agency, and knowing that I am based and currently live in the Philippines proves that they(we) are truly expanding globally! I’ve been a full time freelancer for almost 3 years and the feeling of getting lonely is inherent in the freelance world eventually, at least in my situation. Over the years, I enjoyed the love and hate relationship with the people that I always got […]

The Lego of WordPress Frameworks – Genesis

In the recent real estate project, I got to finally play with Genesis Framework and I can’t deny the newly embraced fact that it’s dang “sweet”. I always wanted to try out this framework ever since but clients are requesting to build their websites with other frameworks. So I always hit it in that direction. This time, I happened to suggest this tool to a client and had the chance to give direction on how to build the website that meets their business goals, timeframe and budget. The first time I […]