Simple Act of Contributing

Ever since I got familiar with how the WordPress maintain its codebase and the community behind that pushes fixes and features, I’d always imagine my self being a part of it. And the recent release, WordPress 4.4, is the start of the journey. I didn’t do much but the simple act of updating a doc block is something could be truly appreciated by the community (core). Once you’re in there, you’ll know how they work hard and not thinking about how their efforts […]

Always the Way to Blog

I could remember I started blogging way back in 2008 when I got no other things to do aside from taking classes in college and playing online games (RAN is on top of my head). My aunt was and is always going to be my inspiration of why I got my self into this kind of stuff. I started using blogspot. Then moved to self hosted WordPress with the help of such wonderful aunt, who used to be a web designer and developer that time! […]

Send me ‘Hello’

I finally got to setup my custom email to work with gmail. Everyone can now send me email at I love random conversations so long as it won’t look like a spam and addresses my correct name in the salutation line. All good other than that, so fire it away 🙂

DevCon PH 2015

I’ve been wanting to attend conferences for developers and on November 13-14 the biggest developers in the Philipines held its second summit and it’s a plane ride away from home—I was on high again. What I’ve learned from the conference (aside from handshaking and saying to speakers that they did a good job): Prepare business cards (lotsa!) Constantly talk your ideas Why open source prevails? Because human is kind by nature; we’d rather contribute for the goodness than making […]

Moments with Android

Not quite recently my phone and photography buddy (in one) gave up on me and I am someone who doesn’t admire keeping credit cards and other cards are out of order, so there will be a delay before I can get another one. For the mean time, I am using Samsung S3 that originally a phone of my sister before I bought her a slightly used but smooth iPhone, as well. I’ve been meaning actually to buy the successor of iPhone 5 (perhaps the real meaning […]