What Had Been and What’s Coming (Pt. 2)

A continuation of my year end self review. This time about my identity and where I see my self going. Identity There’s so much things I want to tell and to just let it all go. Everyday its in my head but in the end it always settles down to this thought – I lost myself in the space, confused and unprepared for the world. I can’t find words that describe what it is that exactly what I want to […]

What Had Been and What’s Coming

This year is going to be finally over in a couple of hours. There had been so much things happened as usual, but this time things got intense and this year highlighted more of my career and identity. Career I was juggling between photo editing and web but primarily with web. I was able to come up photo shoots with my sister and it’s been awesome covering adventures with photos. I was really thinking of making both my primary jobs. […]

The State of the Word 2014

All WordPress devs and fans and lovers should check out this year’s Matt’s State of the Word that happened in the heart of WordPress in San Francisco. I’ve enjoyed listening to what WordPress have become and a glimpse on where its heading. Its inspiring to see Matt that after 11yrs, it feels like he still has the same genuine excitement every time he shares releases and features about WordPress. WordPress has been my first love, in terms of my online […]

Fake It ’til You Make It!

I couldn’t end this day without sharing this post on Humans of New York page in Facebook. I was tired of working retail, so I lied on my resume and said that I had bookkeeper experience. I learned as much as I could from Google before the job interview, and printed out balance sheets to practice on. After I got the job, I read as much as I could every morning on the train. It was nerve wracking at first, […]

The Only Home We’ve Ever Known

Short post about this good video that completely made my day.  A quick realization that hit me right in the deepest of my consciousness. This land that we are standing on at this very moment is only a pixel, dot, very small fraction of the cosmic arena. It is indeed the only home we have ever known so why not make the most of it.  Why not just cherish and always consider it as a humbling experience.