Free Spirited

Last Saturday night, the big family got together and my uncle mentioned about my brother being free spirited. I was extremely curious and have been wondering since then. Being free spirited…it did ring a bell with me as I’m not sure if I am free spirited yet. Im not actually sure how does someone becomes free spirited. What I know is my brother knows what he wants to do and dont give a dang care about whether he’s right or wrong, and the fact that […]

Golden `–no-ff` rule

There’s a huge difference between merging master into feature and merging feature into master. So please for those who’s starting learning git – don’t ever make the mistake I made. Don’t disregard the use of –no-ff. In my case, I didn’t disregard it completely, though. I missed adding the flag as I perform git in terminal. One easy way so you’ll never have to type it again and run the risk of missing it is update your global git config: […]

Wrong Turn

I am feeling quite frustrated and tired right now. I have experienced one of the most poorly strategized events in my life. After recieving the notification of flight cancellation, I could’ve either (a) proceed with rescheduling to 10am (the earliest flight available from the airline) and find a cheap hotel near the airport to get sleep; or (b) request a refund and book another flight with the earliest and cost effective departure date, which I tried looking and there’s one. […]


Following the guide How To Downgrade Droplets, I have successfully downgraded my server in Digital Ocean. As every other guide, the scenario is almost always not exactly the same so I did my part of researching to resolve issues that have arised along the way. I’d like to note important things tailored to my needs that the guide never mentioned. Export the database manually. The guide only covers copying of the files, not the database. When you have the exported file, use it […]

Happy Holidays!

Just want to take a moment to be and to feel grateful in where I am at this point of life. Since I joined 10up, days are always challenging and I even get to contribute to WordPress core. Nailing a milestone! I’ve been introduced to a bunch of tools and worked with talented folks that inspire me to thrive. Looking ahead, I’d still seeking that environment where I can work and grow physically. Next year should be a level harder than this one. Merry Christmas and […]